Friday, September 18, 2009

Shots!Sting!Flower-18 Month Old

Today, is Jake's 18 months Pediatrician appointment. Husband took him to his appointment this afternoon. He is now weight 23 Lbs and 33.5 inches tall. As usual he got 4 shots for Hepatitis A, DTaP and Influenza. Our buckaroo is so aware of whats happening around him, so when the nurse called them and start weighing him, the fight had begun. He really put up a fight with the practitioner examine him first then the Doctor and the nurse who gave him the shots. Things went well of course even if he cried so loud like no more tomorrow...grin.

And then, when they came home they step outside for a while and our next house neighbor; an old woman who is so fond of Jake gave him a flower. She is so sweet and nice neighbor. He was holding on to the flower while scratching his body when they came inside. Tora tora bang bang!!! a dead bee under his shirt had stung him. The bee bit him three times before it went RIP. Buckaroo's reaction hmmmmm just scratching. Can you imagine that, he had 4 shots, 3 bee stung in less than 3 hours and just didn't cry. What a tough monster.


Seiko said...

Tawa ako ng tawa dito habang binabasa ko itong post mo.Naaliw talaga ako kaya naman I love keep visiting in here eh.
Well that's reall a tough day for Jake & so brave kung anak ko yan siguro iyak pa rin ng iyak.Kawawa naman si Jake nakagat ng bee.Kung pwede ko lang yakapin yang batang yan right at this moment now ginawa ko na.Hugs & kisses to Jake & Justine ,Shy!

dias spot said...

haahhaha,....grabi ning imong monster tsang kay astig man kaau....sos si hubby nga napaakan sa bee jake tawon grabi kay wala man nihilak...what a day for him....daghak ni!

Anonymous said...

First time visitor. :-)

I'm glad he didn't react more than that! Goodness gracious. Poor litle guy. He had a rough day!


thank god he is not allergic to bee sting. isog man diay ni si dodong jake,liwat sa inahan,heheheheh said...

He looks tough. LOL

chubskulit said...

He is a tough egg as my FIL always said to Rylie hehehe.. Ang sakit kaya nyan, wawa man si pareng jake..

Hugs and kisses na lang from tita bakla, mwahugs!

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Cecile said...

ka brave ana imong Jake uy; ako pang Jake ana, kadungog lang doctor, maghilak na dayun siya.

Bisan karon hilak gihapon, abiniya naa na sad shot...luoy lagi na batta kay mo scream man siya.

gwapo na monster man siya uy; unta duol ra ta kay atoang Jakes mo play together :-).

kay ganahan man siya sa gamay na kids.

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