Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Calming a Fussy Baby

I read this information from babycenter that will help new mom or other mommy with fussy baby on how to calm them. Every mommy has their own technique or ways on how to calm their baby when they fuss and whatever that is Im sure it works to their little bundle of joy. Love, care and respond to the baby's needs is always the best to clam him/her.

Wails and waaahhs are important ways for babies to communicate. Interpreting these cries takes some trial and error. Here are some of the most common things your baby is trying to say:
"Feed me." Being hungry makes a baby unhappy. Some will continue to fuss even after they've begun feeding, so don't give up too soon if a bottle or your breast doesn't seem to be working immediately. If it's time for a feeding and your baby is making a rhythmic cry along with other hunger signs like tongue thrusting, he may need to get enough in his stomach to feel fuller before he calms down.

"Change me." Some babies don't mind being in a wet or soiled diaper. Others will object right away — and let you know.

"I don't feel well." A shrill cry can be a sign of illness. It may also be your baby's way of letting you know that something is poking him, such as a scratchy clothing tag. Check to see that your baby isn't too hot or too cold. A good rule of thumb is to dress a baby in one more layer than you're wearing yourself, and remove a layer if he feels warm or seems to complain.

"Get me out of here." If a room is too noisy, the lights too bright, or too many people are handling your baby, he may react to the overstimulation by looking away and fretting.

"I'm tired." Watch for yawns, whines, and eye rubs that signal fatigue before your baby launches into an all-out cry. Try rocking or nursing him to sleep.

"Hold me." If you've checked all the possible causes and your baby is still fussing, he may simply crave the calming effect of being cuddled and rocked. Some babies will relax in a mechanical cradle or vibrating bouncy seat. Some like to be wrapped in a tight swaddle, and others just prefer being held. You can't spoil a baby at this age by holding him "too much."



dhemz said...

this is a great info sure expert naka ani kay duha na jud imong mga pispis....hehehehe!

sos sauna tawon katong first time pa namo kay Akesha mura tawon me ug mga gali....saon nga wala man tay ginikanan nga motodlo dire...unlike sa pinas kay daghan man kaau mga suggestions sa mga katigulangan...pero natun-an came natural ra pagkadugayan....hehehhee!

wara-wara sako ug sugod tsang...mwah!

Cacai M. said...

hello Karya, sus naka-palaban ko's dictionary kung unsay fussy para tulin.. hahahah.. ayo2x lang sa pag-atiman sa mga pispis mo dha Tsang.. muahh!

teJan said...

hahahah... atot jud nis cacai..she always gave me a good laugh.
Shy karon pa jud ko kalugar napod oi! haskang kapuya naman aning akong skeds oi! salamat sa pag-add kang laikka e add sa ni nako didto!

agoy ka cutie sa mga babies oi!
amping shang!

momgen said...

hehhehehe thanks sa pagshare...

Sassychick said...

Basa2x pud ko diri madam...maayo na lang makapupho ug jutayng kaalam aron magamit nako kung magka-baby na ko...puhon...hehehe

chubskulit said...

Expertn na talaga ang sistah kong bakla hehehe, pwede na naman magbuntis ulit nyahahahaha..

Dumaan lang ako to hug and kiss the J&J and sa nanay na super ganda and super bait, mwah, mwah!
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Cecile said...

great tips, Tsang, ang nanay talaga dami alam sa baby :-)!

Juliet said...

hi she, ang cute nang mga babies mo. i'm sure sobrang busy mo dyan kagaya ko. regards :-)

Becky K. said...

The memories of these times are fading...but posts like that bring those sweet times back.

Hopefully the next baby in my life will be a darling a few years.

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane

Clarissa said...

Hayyzz!!Kailan kaya masusundan and bagong playmate ng mga anak ko?I miss having a baby at home!!

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