Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bow Leg

Back home I remember when those old people, our grandmother, mother and friends who had kids used to say to massage the baby's leg so they won't grow up bowlegged. And when Jake was born, my sister also told me to massage his leg every morning for the same reason lol. Well, I didn't follow this thing that much; although there were few times I massaged his legs while playing with him same thing with Justine right now. Until I read this bowlegged thing online and thought of sharing it to the mothers who are also wondering why does baby look bowlegged? The answer is;

*** Your baby owes his curved legs to all the time he spent curled up in your uterus. The older he gets, though, the more his legs will unfurl. When your baby starts walking, anywhere between about 9 and 17 months, the weight he puts on his leg bones will cause them to slowly change shape, and within six months or so from then, his legs will have straightened out considerably. "It's something the body usually just takes care of on its own," says pediatrician Laura Jana of Omaha, Nebraska. "In most cases, there's no need to worry or take corrective action, but it's always a good idea to have your baby's legs checked at each well-baby visit. If your child is still bowlegged at age 2, you'll want to consider further evaluation."


Clarissa said...

Kahit na ganyang bowlegged pa ang mga babies,they're still cute pa rin!^_^

momgen said...

heheh kacute sa duha ka binuhat oy lami pisliton aning Justin ba haehhehe

Seiko said...

I agree w/ mommy Clarissa.J & J are really cute.Hugs & kisses to Jake & Justine.Ingat!:D

Dhemz said...

hhahaa...mao pod na akong nahimatman sa akong mga kagupa sa pinas tsang...kani laging kinaraan....para daw d!

I think the massage idea is very helpful...I did the same thing with Akesha....thank goodness d tawon bakang si kulot...hehehhe!

woi baby justine bitaw kay liwat kaau ni in.....:) blonde man diay ni imong dalaga tsang...agoy! kuyaw! hehehhe...ka mga cute ba aning mga bat-ana tawon...kisses...dagan sako kadyot tsang!

kat said...

hehehe..tuo pod diay ka ana Tsang..bitaw oi, ako gohilot hilot pod kuno pero kadiyot ra kay wa man mi kaliwat nga bakang oi...kempe hinoon naay daghan, nay saon man ng kempe, a binaton ang leg sa baby aron dili mag dikit kuno nyahaha. pero kalooy sa God kay mga straight man mi ug legs pati akong 2 ka ulitaw hehee.

Hi justine...cute ayo jake lami jud tulion..hehe

dhemz said...

asa naman ang mga chikading..wala naman nag update...hehehhee...joke!

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