Friday, June 26, 2009

New and Exciting Fashions

Okay ladies, it is time to talk about clothing and the latest fashions. It is so hard to keep up with the latest clothing fad. Even if you have the money, you don't necessarily have the time to go shopping and keep yourself up to date. It would be nice if there were a way to keep up with fashion without having to spend a lot of time shopping and maybe get a break on the price. If you go to PlanetTogs, you will be able to accomplish this. PlanetTogs is a unique company in several different ways. They are an e-boutique that specializes in international fashion. Also, they tend to use designers that don't come from some of the more well known markets. While the rest of the world is focusing on the fashion market in Los Angeles and London, PlanetTogs is in places such as Sao Paulo and Riga. These designers have not been discovered internationally yet, and they are not well known in the U.S. market. This allows PlanetTogs to offer many of their clothes at below market prices. Right now they have some really cute outfits. I like the Armour dress (pictured above) by Leonardo Salinas of Australia. I think that look is really sexy! If money were no object, I would get the One-shoulder plaid dress too. Check out their website. You will have a lot of fun browsing their clothing, and you just might find that outfit that you have been looking for at a good price.


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