Monday, June 29, 2009

Laiza's Getaway

Our youngest sissy's getaway last summer with her BF. I snagged these picture from her friendster, since thats the only way we know about their whereabouts. I just missed the look of this places in the Philippines. The wide ocean, mountains, coconut tree, nipa hut and of course the hot weather through out the year.



Sherry said...

wow I love the pictures

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Sherry said...

hi still looking for the ad spot of mine lol.. where is it?

Dhemz said...

oh my..asa man ni dapit awon tsang.....kalami ani mamutong ug mag picnic da....nice photos...pretty sissy...:)maau pamo tsang kay daghan mo mag sisters...ako tawon wala bisan usa...hehehe...:)

Cacai M. said...

Ohhh what a view! What place is this Maam Tsang? Now, I miss my hometown already.. huhuhuh.. it's just like Camiguin! I love the serenity of it too! superb!

Sherry said...

thanks for send me ec and putting up the ad :)

momgen said...

oy kaguapa sa imo sis oy hehhe

Cecile said...

kalami naman tanawon imong pictures dire, dear :-), asa man diay dpita na? murag nag enjoyed naman imong sissy uy :-)!

Juliet said...

bantayan island ni?

josie said...

the pictures are very refreshing to see, hay summer nakakamiss talaga ang beach

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