Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sister's Bonding part 2

                                            Tangkag and pandat
                                         pandat, tangkag, bakang
                                        weweng, jijie, inday
                                       lagum, jakoy, bakang

Last year i went to the philippines and bonded with my two little sisters, it was fun, i met their boyfriends and hang out with them, we did Karaoke, ohmy! i love Karaoke, no matter what my husband said to discourage me, its in my filipino blood to love to sing, even though i don't have a gift of singing it in tune, so suck it up kelly!!! but yeah! my sisters are so fun to be with. So just like sheila, i am hoping to get a chance of hanging out with them next year also, hopefully, when sheila and joe plan to go to the philippines i will go as well cause its going to be an awesome vacation, hopefully everybody will be present then.


Dhemz said...

hhahaha,..kuyaw ma ning mga NN ani tsang...makaka tawa man kaayo ta ani...hehehe...shuang jud ka....haahha....:)

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