Thursday, May 7, 2009

Crazy sissy's

We sister's sometimes hang-out really good and share stupid stuff and then fight with a little bit or maybe more of violence in it, but anyways, that how we are D' REQUIERON SISTERS, Gosh! we do fight a lot when we we're younger, especially me(JIJIE) and TITING, we just don't get a long that good before, its like our our daily job to fight. But anyways, things change, people change when you don't see each other that much and you don't sleep in the same room. I missed my two little sister WEWENG and INDAY, we really seldom see them anymore since the two of us move here in the US. But surely, next year, we're gonna have a family reunion, Hopefully( finger's cross)

Julius a.k.a yoyong, kiyos.

Sheila a.k.a titing, cheng2x, lagum

Rachael a.k.a jijie, bakang, bakikang.

Louella a.k.a weweng, tangkang, vitcong.

Alex a.k.a boloy, baboy.

Lieza a.k.a inday, pandat.

thats love huh! sometimes, it hurt just by calling you nickname you don't even like, w you it to tease and piss each other off big time.


shydub said...

What a funny code names, bulgaran nato lol

mommy jac said...

wahoo!!! I wasn't able to drop some lines kanina may toyo ata ang laptop ko anyways you guys are so funny I like your sense of humor very natural nakaka tuwa yung code names nyo like Sheila a.k.a titing, cheng2x, lagum...While reading this post na miss ko tuloy ang mga sisters ko grabe...I remember we use to fight like cats and dogs...
Btw. Nice post!!!

Have a lovely day=)

Cascia said...

Looks like you guys are real close. I wish my sister and I were that close. What fun photos. Have a wonderful weekend!

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