Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Toy Story | Crazy with Thomas

Yes, he is and I wonder when this Thomas mania will be over. If there's a pizza or Chinese delivery knocked at our door, he would come running and start telling them about Thomas and Friends. That is how obsessed this little man with this little engines.

When we went to the Conservatory garden, he saw a big Thomas box on top of the donation box. He was itching to take that toy our of the bin.

Then on our way out, he didn't want to go home yet because he asked Santa that he wants dash, bash and ferdinand and Thomas too so he expected that Santa will handed it over to him right away. He also don't want to go home because he wanted to play with the train inside the garden.

He was so pissed so he started screaming. Look at that face, he really wanted to throw a fit. People were smiling seeing Joe and Jake had arguments about Thomas, the toys and blah blah. He was crying and not in the nice mood inside the car. So, we gave him bash as early presents so he will stop.
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Mommy Jes said...

wow what a nice toy while taking a bath :D My son loves thomas dn pero wala sya ganung toy n gnyan, he is more fond of cars :D

Thanks for sharing toy stories with us!

wifetoalineman02 said...

hehehe louy ayu c Justine hilak jud, mao pud na c Kyle sa una Mommy Shei mahilig kaau sa Thomas, maau na lng cars na pud iya ron. Sagdi lng Justine am sure magdala c Santa ug dgan Thomas and his friends. Laag ko Mommy Shei from Toys Stories

Stef Cruz-Lingat said...
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Keanna said...

A friend of mine is into collecting Thomas trains and toys. Your boy is so adorable.

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