Monday, December 26, 2011

I Love Presents!

"I Love Presents!" The little Miss said when she was opening all the presents.

The night before Christmas, J&J was helping me baking cookies and decorating the ginger bread house. We put them to bed around 10:00 so we have time to assemble the susie's kitchen for Justine. We read them the story "t'was the night before Christmas" in bed and Jake was very good and went to bed afterwards. The little Miss on the hand was fighting, screaming and wailing because she did not want to go nytnyt yet. I had no idea how many hours of sleep she had because she was still screaming when we went to bed at almost 2:00 in the morning and got up at around 4;00 i think but she transferred to out room. They got up around 8:00 in the morning. Jake asked as soon as he woke up if Santa was there.

They saw the trains and Barney first and for them that was complete. He asked for trains and she asked for barney and they got it. I love Santa! I love Christmas! I love presents! They both said these statement. Thanks to Dhemz, Ruby, Aunts, grandma, Daddy and Mommy for all the gifts.


Dhemz said...

ka cute nilang duha tsang no kay mau naman mangistorya....Akesha love presents too...ehehhee!

Redruby said...

they surely had fun last Christmas...amping kanunay...

liked and followed this blog...regards from europe..

feel free to visit my other blogs..salamat daan..

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