Friday, August 5, 2011

Simple Celebration

She is two years old now. My baby is now a certified toddler and in the terrible world. They grows to quick so spend most of your time with your baby.

We had a simple birthday celebration. We had good food and candle on top of the ice cream cake to blow. She opened her gifts with joy in her face. Looking at her smiling while opening her presents was priceless. Jake also love her Thomas presents.

They don't have friends around our neighborhood yet but they have each other. We don't need to drive 30 minutes just to find playmates. Someday, they will find a friend of their own. Celebrating birthday with family is always the best.

I want to thank my friends who greeted over Facebook and in my blog on Justine's birthday. Thank you tsang Dhemz, Mami Lulu and Marz Willa for the wonderful birthday gifts. Thank you Sir Mel for the funny and amazing post. Thank you so much, we truly appreciate it.


SavvyMama said...

weeeeeee...certified 2 na jud ang cute...kalami sa cake...naa pa diha kay tilaw ko...ehehhee....:) ka cute man sa mga presents...sensya na tawon sa gift inday justine....xoxo!

kimmy said...

uh-oh! here comes the TERRIBLE 2! brace yourself..

by the way, do you mind checking out on On Expensive Toys?

Willa said...

wow! Cute ng kanyang Pillow Pet! 2 pa lang pala si kikay, akala ko 3 na. Belated Happy birthday again, Miss Little Blond girl. :)

♥FoodTripFriday♥ said...

Mabuti nga yan sis, they have plenty of times to spent together, maging close talaga sila as brother and sister, once they started school, dami na rin sila magiging friends.

Mai @MaiThreeBoyz said...

justine's terrific already (terrific 2) so I'm sure you'll get through the terrible 2 stage with flying colors.

belated happy birthday, justine!

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