Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kids In Doodles # 10 - I'm So, I'm So Sorry

A huge fan of Yo Gabba Gabba is now singing one of the shows songs. I'm So Sorry. She was stacking some box while singing the song. She's been singing there for minutes already so I put the camera on the floor while it was on video. I did now realize the her diaper was also full. Sorry about that. The mother was busy playing FV in FB.



anne said...

ang cute hehehe, I watched the whole video though well the pee did not went out so its ok how old is she na nga sheng?

Willa said...

Uber cute ni Kikay, Super ganda na,super talented pa, kahit di ko maintindihan ang kanta, talagang nanay lang ang makakaintindi! lol!

vaneneng said...

super duper cute!^_^ galing2 mag-sing ni baby haha..

teJan said...

hahhah..pagka cute na ba oi:) hahhaha as in!

Gene of Corbitoness said...

Oh, how I wish my daughter could play like that. I guess mine is more of an outgoing type.

Visiting via KID, here's my entry wall doodles

jared's mum said...

she is just soooo adorable + a singer too! love her video + her song!
stopping by from K.I.D :)

Jadeingua - 01.20.11 said...

Such a darling! I remember my little girl dancing and singing as she watched DJ Lance :D

Visiting from K.I.D.!

My entry is up here. Hope you can visit me too!

Dhemz said... cute! she got the rhythm for sure...hehehhee..ka luag man kau sa inyong balay tsang woi...nahan ko sa imong plant stand da....ehhehehe!

Iris by Shengkay said...

hahahha..cute! so proud mami for sure.
visiting from KIDS mommy shy..

Ate K said...

She's so cute! My sister loves Yo Gabba Gabba too.
This is a late visit from KIDS .

Hope you can also join us at Messy Go Round meme. Thank you!

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