Sunday, July 24, 2011

K.I.D - One Fun Day

These pictures were taken during our vacation in Last Vegas couple of weeks ago.

This is what they did the very next morning of our first day Vegas vacay. Jake had a tricycle but he doesnt like it. This is Ev bike and as much as we want him to play with it, we cannot let him because of the rivalry thingy going on with toddlers.

Our activity on that day involved going to the Jollibee, then spent a few hours in a water sprinkler playground and then later that day we walked going to this small playground in their community.

The fun begun when these three little munchkins taking turns in the slides. They played really well I;m telling you. No fighting and fussing even on our way back home. Although they wanted to stay longer like forever in that playground but we had to go because it's getting dark already.

They had a blast sliding. My potato chips trying to keep up with the older boys. She almost fell in the slides because she jumped everytime she started sliding down because of the excitement. Watch the video but don't over react though. They're just kids having fun and we were there watching.

The above video was the good video minus the almost falling event



tejan said...

hhehe..looks they have their own fun times anyway shang:) agghoy mga dfagko na jud bintaha na..ako ani ta-as tas pa labangon:)

my KID is up too!

Willa @ SmartBoys said...

Hindi naman ako nag over react mars, natawa lang ako ng bonggang-bongga!!! Galing mag "slide" ni kikay ah, may sariling style! lol!

Vhen said...

wow, looks like the kid really enjoyed the vacay!

visiting from KID!

hope you can stop by too :)

Clarissa said...

hahahahaa!natawa naman ako kay Justine lol!ang bilis mong sumalo mommy tsang!^_^

Happy KID!

anne said...

I watch it with Faith and now she wanted to to watch the video over and over again, she doesn't want to go to school anymore hahaha she enjoyed the kids and the slide a lot mine is up and its here SAHM’s Online Diary, thanks

Mel Alarilla said...

Yes, the kids really had the best time of their lives playing the slides. They are also good in acting as if they are really talking to someone over the phone. Great photos. Thanks for the post and for sharing your photos. God bless you all always.

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Naalala ko lang mars, pwede mo ito i send sa America's Funniest Home Video, lol!

Gene said...

Hahaha! Good catch on the last video sis! My little toddler loves the slides, so much! Walang paki-alam kahit na malalaki yung kasabay niya. makikipagsiksikan pa.

Late visit from KID (July 25). Thank you for visiting my blog.

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