Thursday, July 14, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We are back in our home sweet home yesterday morning. We were all tired and slept the whole day. It's funny thought because we just moved in to this house a month ago but Jake is already familiar with this new house. Back in Vegas he kept saying to go back to our big house. He seems like he already forgot the previous place we lived. We rented that house for more than 2 years and yet we never miss a thing about it. He love this house. He even claimed it as his house. Well, technically it's his house because they're the reason why we bought a house.

There is a big difference living in a house you're renting and house you own. We rented from apartment to a house for three years and just recently my husband and I have decided to buy our own abode. It was a huge decision and responsibility but we thought we can handle all the pressure and problems that may come our way. This is a lifetime investment. We did not have enough resources to buy a house but with the help of the people around and God almighty we made it. Everything went smoothly and here we are now, living in a house we called home.


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