Thursday, June 30, 2011

PC PlayBook from Educational Toys Planet Review

Toys are the kids best friend don't they? They don't care if they play the same toys every day. I have two toddlers and they're both lucky to received tons of hand-me-downs educational toys from their cousins. But still, they get excited to see new toys everyday. This morning a mailman knocked at our door delivering couple of packages. The buckaroo have smelled the toy inside in one of the boxes. He was so delighted to see this PC Playbook.

A fun, electronic portable PC. You can find more fun educational toy at Electronic Toys section. Visit their website today and browse at their wide selection of fun, interactive and educational toys for children.

Meanwhile, as soon as he had the PC Playbook in his hand, his eyes was glued into it. Thanks to the Education Toys Planet for giving me this opportunity to try one of their amazing and educational toy for my children. he doesn't want to share it with his little sister but I told him to take turns. This Portable PC Playbook is a very useful toy that Jake can play during our coming trip. Both my children knows the alphabet already and with the spelling features in the game, this will help them learn more words.

This portable kids computer has a colorful neon design and can open and close, just like a real laptop. This toy laptop from Educational Toys Planet comes with 5 learning activities. The children electronic toy teaches children letters, words, spelling, shapes, music, and more. It has four popular sing along melodies that kids will love to hear like old Mc Donald song. It also has buttons of the So fa syllables. The compact toy PC is a great travel activity toy. Engage your children in the educational fun with this smart toy in the car, at home, in preschool or kindergarten classrooms.

Kids can enter the digital age and learn a lot about language arts at the same time by using the PC Playbook by the Learning Journey. Your kids will hugely enjoy having their own laptop just like the grown-ups! So, what are you waiting for, check it out now!


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