Friday, June 24, 2011

Old and New Backyard

Last weekend, we went to the old house to clean and mow the grass. We don't have to worry about mowing the grass because our new place don't have grasses to mow. We had lawn mower, although it was not the quality brand like toro zero turn mowers but I would say still a good mower. My husband gave the mower to our next door neighbor after he mowed the grass last weekend. I sure will miss the birds in our backyard. We're done with the house cleaning in that old house and now we can focus cleaning the walls in our new place. We take things one at a time. After the general cleaning we turned over the key to the management. My husband and I have been thinking of what toys we can buy for the kids that they can play in our back yard. The second photo above is our new back yard and the kids love it. They can go out and play with their barefoot.


Dhemz said...

ka cute sa birdy....sos, mau pamo tsang da kay no need na mag mow..:)

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