Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Plan

Summer is approaching and some of you I think have already planned a summer getaway, vacation and perhaps travel across the country or across the state with your RV. Well before you hit the road make sure you have insurance for travel emergency just in case you will experience a RV breakdown at the middle of nowhere. The Good Sam Club is the most trusted name in RVing and you certainly get medical emergency assistance at any time. They can help you right away just in case you need medical care while traveling.

Anyway, our plan to travel to the Philippines this summer had postponed due to other reason that is very important to us. We need a house because we found something in this house we currently renting. So, instead of moving to another apartment we decided to get a house instead. Although we still have plans for the summer but moving is the priority. After the move then we will start with the next plan. So, good luck to us.


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