Saturday, April 23, 2011

Financial Freedom

I have always wanted to have a stock account. I’ve heard that a lot of people actually earn from stocks and that it is considered a pretty safe investment, well… as long as you have a great agent or broker.

One such site that got me interested is First, their service is free which is great for me, and second, is their site really helped me understand how it all works. Yes, it’s not all about stocks, it’s actually about being on top of your finances.

With, they pull all your financial data, from balances and transactions, credit card activity, loans and even investments. But it’s not just something that you’d use for bookkeeping. The site actually has algorithms that suggest how you can save more and where and how to invest your savings. You are not obliged or mandated to follow their suggestions, which is the best part, but I love the idea that it gives you more options and ideas.

Seeing the whole picture on how your finances are certainly help plan ahead. Instead of just living and paying bills and debts one day at a time, they help you find a strategy on how to stay on top if not ahead of things.


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