Friday, April 22, 2011

Back to school

Have you ever thought of taking up extra courses just so you can earn a little bit of extra on the side? After my friend said she was looking at listings for cosmetology schools, I too thought if I could do something similar. For the time-being, I know I can’t go back to school because my children need my full attention. But maybe when they’re a bit older and are going to school, I can look into taking the same classes as well.

I got intrigued by all this cosmetology talk because it’s something I can practice in my own time. Maybe I can put up a small salon or something later on, but at the start, like what my friend mentioned, I can start doing jobs for my friends and relatives.

Talking about makeovers and stuff, I thought it was fairly easy and simple. It was just girl talk, you know, make up, skin care and hair care. But when I chanced upon the Oregon Board of Cosmetology, I realized that it was actually more serious than that.

Setting up a salon or being in the cosmetology field would actually require you certain licenses. A salon owner also has to follow a lot of restrictions and guidelines before and during their operation. Knowing all these makes me have more appreciation for workers in the field. Maybe soon I get to join that field soon.


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