Tuesday, March 8, 2011

They're Getting Bigger

My little lamb chop is now using her toddler car set. Yeahhh, mama just got promoted to the front seat because she just turned 12 years old lol. My lamb chop actually have been doing great, she occasionally, pee in the potty too if I put her on the potty in the morning. And the buckaroo did a great job today because he pooped on his own. He sat on the potty for more than half hour then he called me and said, "Mama I did it". He sure did, and I am so proud of you Jake. We gave him wetwayt (edward) the cho cho as a reward.

Right about bed time, I was getting them ready for bed when the buckaroo said, "Mama I poop". He did not able to hold his poop. Babger and I were both upset so we took wetwayt back and he threw tantrum fit waaa. But we will give it back to him tomorrow. Still we are very proud if him though for pooping in the potty today.


Dhemz said...

hhahaha...na promote na diay ka sa front seat tsang...lol...wow, ka sau jud ni justine naka toddler seat nga wapa man nag 2....:)

great job jake...way to go!

chubskulit said...

Awww kawawa naman, don't take away the reward bading, magreresent lang yan si Jake.. Just encourage hiim to do his best all the time. I am sure, he'll get it eventually.. He just need a lot of encouragement,.

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