Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Warning: Poop Overload

I spent most of my time this last couple of weeks potty training Jake. I even skipped the weekly caravan meme so I can closely watch him and bring him upstairs to the bathroom to potty. I had to take him upstairs every two hours hoping to get lucky. I know he is ready but he just don't know yet how to potty. There were days that i yelled at him for pooping in his diaper and not telling me. I totally forgot that my son is still 35 month and will be 3 years next month. Potty training needs a lot of patience.

So, first couple of days he only peed in the potty which is very good to me. I was happy with it. At least he peed and that would be a good start. I still bring him every two hours so he knows how to poop. I can't leave the lamb chop downstairs which means i also have to take the lab chop with us in the bathroom. I already had candies and stickers ready, and also pen, books and other stuff he needed to tinker while sitting in the potty. The lamb chop on the other hand likes going potty with him because she gets to eat candy. She won't stop until you give her candy. In fact she even peed in the potty while eating the candy. Good job sweety.

It was Wednesday of last week when Jake pooped in the potty for the first time. call it cheating but he really did poop in the potty. WI saw him trying to poop when were having lunch, so i hurriedly carried him upstairs and left him sitting in the potty. And he did it! He called me after he pooped. I had to run back downstairs because Justine was there. I gave him his favorite stickers Woody and asked him to flush the toilet to say good bye to the poopy. He was happy doing it.

The next day, he did not say anything but he came closer to me and had this look that he was about to go. Again I carried him upstairs and letting him sit in the potty by himself. I came downstairs and went back in front of the computer. Jake yelled that he was done. He said bye bye to his poop again.

I really thought we're getting there because it looks like we are half way getting over the potty thing. Came Friday and I totally forgot to take him upstairs every two hours. He pooped in his diaper. Since Joe is off on weekend which i usually get up late as well i missed putting Jake on the potty. Now this week i have to start all over again.


Dhemz said...

you're almost there jake...just keep trying....:) malingaw jud ko ani nga stage da...ehhehehe..potty train is not easy.

sos kung sa pinas pa, na pasagdan rman mga bata maglakaw lakaw sa gawas wala panty...malibang ra dayon sa kilid kilid...nyahahhaa...joker!

your doing good bayot...maintain lang permi.

Mel Alarilla said...

Good luck to the potty training of Jake. That is something all babies have to go through. In due time, he will poop on his own. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Bambie dear ★ said...

Haha, may evidence talaga, pati poop nya ehhe.. Way to go, be patient lang sis.. SI azumi ready na rin, ako na lang ang di ready although paminsan lang naman ako tinatamad. Dapat talaga continous tlaga pag-train.

Mommy Rubz said...

I am so proud of you Marz! Two successful potty days is already a start!! Muah!!!!

Avi said...

Lol. Love this post! As in jud, milestone jud ni ay. Ang tyaga mo sa pag-post abt kiddos. Its nice kay pag tigulang nila, makita ni, lol, maimagine nako ang reaction. hahah

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