Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Make Use of The Empty Boxes

We had plenty of empty boxes in the attic. We had small one and bigger ones. Last week I made a club house for Jake out of the big boxes we had. So, instead of throwing this boxes out why not turn it into something like a club house to play with. Do you know that you can buy cardboard displays online? Click on the link and check out You might find great designs or something you would need for your products or company.

Anyhow, Jake had great time playing inside his club house and brought all his buddies like three Light Year Buzz, Woody, Jessie and Bulls Eye. These are all characters in the movie The Toy Story. He never let his little sister inside that club house. The lamb chop is a very sneaky girl so she always finds way to sneak out inside his club house. Once the buckaroo spotted her, he would follow her and kicked her out off the club house. He probably got over excited few days ago and he knocked the club house over. Tore that boxes apart and laughed out loud. Well, I put the boxes upstairs as i was thinking of putting it again for Justine.


Shahz said...

Creative kayu ka ting... hehhehehe Apili sad si justine og buhat.. para silingan sila...

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