Tuesday, January 11, 2011

She is a Good Eater

When Justine was born she instantly sucked the breast milk out of my boobies. I didn't undergo a long labor with her and she came out so quickly. After the nurse weighed her and measured her height my husband handed her over to me and right then and there she asked for milk. Then, in the postpartum room I had to get up many times as the nurse kept bringing her back to my room because she was hungry. I was by myself with Justine during that couple of nights in the postpartum room. My husband had to come home because no one could watch Jake. So, Jake and my husband had to go to the hospital in the morning to bring my food and then come home in the afternoon. I had to eat plenty of food because Justine had been asking for milk constantly.

We came home after staying two days in the hospital. I would say that Justine was a good eater and she sleep through the night. As what I had read in the book if the baby have eaten good amount of food during the day they more likely to sleep through the night. It's very important to feed your baby with right amount of food so they won't fuss during the night. And remember that there is no substitute with breast milk. So, give your baby the best nutrition they need.


Tina said...

nice kaayo pagkadefine nimo sa imo kuan.. boobies.. lol..

i love reading your post jud.. :)

Dhemz said...

hahhaa..boobies man jud...sos mau ka diay tsang kay gawas ditso...ako abtan pa ug 10 hours inutong...lol!

chubskulit said...

Pagkagwafa ni Jus.... Mga mabait talaga ang girls hehehe

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