Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pimples Attack

It was couple of months ago when I shared a photo of my pimple found in the corner of my face. Well, that pimples was already gone and what's left right now is scar. I'm glad these thing are just pimples not acne because I have no time to look for products that would help remove acne scars. The pimples also leaves scars on my face but they are not as bad compared to acne. As you can see in this photo that I have fresh pimples again on my forehead. I think winter is a pimple attack for me. I took this one on Christmas just for fun. It doesn't bother me because there are hairs that would cover it if I go out. And besides these pimples are not directly in my face and not that itchy either. Sometimes it feels a little unpleasant and sore. The cream that I used to treat these pimples is not working so I had to stopped using it.


Dhemz said...

na wala ka nag inusara tsang...karon g ataki nasad ko sa akong bugas...tugnaw man jud...nya kaspa pa dayon...agoy ginoo!

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