Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nothing Like Cheering for Our Home Team

Guest written by our friend Sergio Chaney

Every year me and my family go to see the Miami Heat play in Florida, which is where I lived by the way. This is something we have done for years, ever since I was born in fact. We get the car loaded up and we are ready to go, plus we never forget to set the home security alarm (CLICK) before going to each NBA game. Just the feeling of driving to our favorite team's game really brings the best out of me. And knowing that my family is here with me to enjoy the game makes me feel really good as well. Oh and did I mention I love taking extra cash with me because everytime I go to a Miami Heat game there is something new to buy. I can't wait for the next game to come up so we can be back on the road and cheering for our favorite team. Plus, I love buying cool and new stuff whenever we go to an NBA game as well. My entire family looks forward to these family trips.



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