Thursday, December 9, 2010

My very own gingerbread house

Guest post written by Keshia Burns

I love to do crafts for fun and to pass the time. So when I was off work for a few days and still in a food coma from my mom's huge Thanksgiving lunch, I decided to put together my annual gingerbread house.

I've made several really simple ones before, but I decided to really go all out this year and make my dream house in gingerbread! That required going online and finding some less than basic plans. When I was doing that I came across the website and ordered one of the home satellite internet packages from it after reading through all of it.

It took a lot of planning to make my DIY gingerbread house. It even has turrets! So it basically took me the whole Saturday after Thanksgiving to plan and put together, but I had already done all of my online shopping anyway, so I had the time to spend on it. Now IÕm just ready for my friends to come over and visit so that they can see it!



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