Saturday, December 25, 2010

Justine's Drawer

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Our kids had so much fun opening their gifts this morning and appreciating the gifts given to them by friends and family. It's fun watching your kids having wonderful time and seeing their eyes glowing with delight because of all the presents they got. Well, after Christmas it's time for my husband to do his long over due task which is to assemble Justine's drawer. We bought this drawer last September and up until now it is still in the box. He kept postponing to assemble this drawer because he was busy. He promised me to do it tomorrow. So, well see. Right now I am looking for a nice closet at closet They manufacture custom closets Richmond, VA area. Closet Factory will custom design, manufacture and install custom closets for any closet in your home. The next time I decide to shop for closet in our room I definitely consider their shop in finding the right closet I need. Closet Factory is a locally owned and operated franchise that has been serving Richmond for nearly 14 years. Visit their website today for design consultation.


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