Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hiding Place for the Two

I shopped this online during Black Friday. It was on sale and decided to buy it for $36. The price for this Step 2 Easel for Two went back to $50. I first saw this at tsang Dhemz shopping blog and thought of getting one for Jake

Jake got excited when it arrived on the mail. I was excited too so I opened it and grabbed couple of chalk for each one of them. At first Jake used it in a proper way but then he discovered that he can hide between it at the same time use his chalk by writing the back side of it. My stress level started to go high. Then the lambchop followed her mentor and what so cute about her is she is so tiny hiding between this thing. Joe had been yelling both of them to get off but the lamb chop had fun hiding that she thinks her Dada couldn't see her. Apparently the step 2 easel for two became hiding place for the two dragons.

Another stressful scenario the next day as Jake found out the different way to used the chalk. He used it to shade the green board and the squeaky sounds irritated me. So, I hide the chalk and Jake was so upset because i won't let him use it and gave the chalk back to him. Now I lt them used the other side but not with marker. The buckaroo wants to use the marker but I never let him. Until now he still keep asking about it. Meanwhile, I took all the magnetic letters out so they can use it. Well, they used it not for reading letters but knocking each one of it off the white board. Jake reads it but the Justine knocked it off or throwing it out.



kat said...

nyahahaha nganong palit-palit ana jud nako nawong ni Joe ug nimo Tsang hahahaha

Shahz said...

Tama.. nganu nag palit nga kabalo talented kyu ang mga dragond niya... hehehhe goodluck ting...:-)

Dhemz said...

wahahaha.....makamuot ko aning duha tsang...mau jud ni nga mentor si jake kay dali ra kau mosunod ang iyang sissy...ehehehhe!

Mel Alarilla said...

Hay naku, kalikutan na nang dalawang kids mo. Kids are so good in discovering several uses for something other than the usual way of using it. Ganun ang ginawa ni Jake at Justine na ginawang taguan yung easel board nila. Konting tiyaga pa sa mga chikitings mo. Anyway, ang ku cute naman nila kaya maski pundido ka na sa kunsume ay hindi mo pa ring maiiwasang mapangiti sa kanila. Thanks for the cute post. God bless you all always.

chubskulit said...

Hahahahah pagkacute ng dalawang itits lol... Marunong na pala magsulat si Jake, way to go buddy.

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