Monday, December 13, 2010

DIY lap desk

Guest post written by Mark Howard

I've been tempted to go out and buy a lap desk for myself for a while that I could use when I'm reading or using my laptop on my couch. But, I just didn't have the heart to dish out the money for something that I didn't think was worth all that money. I even thought about asking for one from my kids for Christmas, but there were a few books that I would rather ask them for instead and I know that would cost less money.

I went online with our CLEARWIRE to try and find a way that I could just make a laptop desk myself. But then I started looking up the stuff and even though I could cut the wood part of it, I was having trouble figuring out how I would make the cushioned part that you actually sit on your lap.

But then I found some instructions for a DIY laptop desk that looked about as simple as I was going to find, so I decided to make that one.



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