Saturday, November 27, 2010

Visiting Family on Thanksgiving

Authored by Graham Sweeney

With each year that passes, visiting my family on Thanksgiving has always been an event that I've come to love. From shopping for fresh food, fine wine and the best deals come Friday, the holiday has become quite the active past-time. While spending time with family remains the focus of the day, the preparation for the big meal followed by the big game is a valuable part of each and every celebration.

While the time spent visiting family during Thanksgiving has changed little over my decades celebrating, the way I shop has evolved each and every year. With the advent of the internet, the most avid coupon users are able to come together and discuss the best deals for most any holiday food. From free turkey on large shopping orders to pumpkin pies at half price, there is always someone searching for the best deal and sharing with the world.

Shopping during the day after Thanksgiving is no different; with most every ad from any store posted well in advance, the best deals for "Black Friday" are no mystery. Combing through newspapers for the best deals during the big game is no longer a past-time of mine, despite how much of a tradition it was in years past.

Above all, for an extended trip away from home, I always make certain to set my home alarm from to protect my home, as well as my belongings.



chubskulit said...

Oiiist daming moolah, pangshopping today... cyber monday!

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