Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Week Has Arrived!

Guest post written by Hilda McSoren

This week is Thanksgiving week, and I'm starting to do all things I need to do to prepare for family to come over. I have to prepare for my husband Dan and myself, our two daughters, my two sisters' families, and my little nephews and nieces. My family isn't that shy about eating, either. We really have our work cut out for us. Dan has been great about helping me prepare. He has really accepted the responsibility, and he's helped with shopping, decoration, preparing, and a lot of the typical drudgery that comes with setting up for turkey day. The other afternoon right after he took a Miracle Ear Hearing Test, he went out and picked up a few house decorations and got all the ingredients for a few desserts that he is preparing. Dan is really a great partner to have

Despite all the preparation, it's always so nice to have everyone together. Throughout the year, we all have our mundane preoccupations, but Thanksgiving is a day set aside specifically for a special kind of family interaction. I can't wait till everyone gets here.



Dhemz said...

ka busy sa GP dire...ehehehe!

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