Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random Bo-bo and accident

Having two toddlers that are close age is quite challenging. Well it's hard but it's fun especially watching them messing around with each other. Until now i can still feel that my buckaroo still jealous with the lamb chop. He pushes her around to get attention. And sometimes he pushes her because the lamb chop steal his food. The lamb chop is younger and smaller than him but she is a tease.
This photo showed how she teases him by taking his toys and food or perhaps switching the TV off while buckaroo is watching.

Jake still over two and half years old but he started to get serious injuries when he was almost two years old. There was one time he got stung by a bee, and one time also he accidentally touch his leg at the space heater without noticing him. There was one serious accident when a glass table fell on his foot that caused him not walking for almost three months because of the bruises. Then, when he was 23 months old he got a cut in his head. He threw a tantrum fit and fell his head in the pointy edge of the lego.

In this photo, we were having a short walk and he run down hill. The wound wasn't that serious as it only looked artificial. He didn't even cried that much when he stumbled down the ground.

The lamb chop however is as equally active as Jake. In fact she is more active than Jake. She is still 15 months old but she already experience different level of bo-bo. Number of times that she get her lips busted from falling down. She also got a cut in her lips when she jumps out of the bath tub. She is a daredevil as she doesn't scared to get hurt but she have a very loud cry whenever she is hurt. And sometimes she gets hurt because Jake pushes her.
This was her latest photo with bo-bo in the side of her eye and bruise in her cheek. She stole Jake's food and the later chased her and pushed her down. When he pushed her, his fingernail made a small cut on the side of her eye. He also pushed her face on the side of the table when the little lambchop stole again his stash of food. These two have the same share of foods, but Justine will eat hers as fast as she could while Jake hide some of his food. Once Justine done with her food she would start stealing Jake's food.
This one was a insect bite. She woke up one day with a swelling eye
In this photo, I thought of making fun of my lambchop by putting band aids on the bruise area of her face and legs. The three of us went for a walk right out side our side walk. The lil girl wanted to walk on her own. While the boy wanted to run. I hold Jake and Justine got away. the walk is uphill so when she tried to run she tripped and fell on her knees. That fall caused some bruises on her knees and the tip of her nose.
This one she was climbing on a little stool and fell on the wall.
Well, no matter how we child proof our house these kids will always find way to get hurt. They learned from every bo-bo and accident they got but they still do foolish stuff as they grow. Bo-bo, injuries, wounds, accidents are part of every children's childhood.


Lulu Post said...

pagkadaghang injury aning mga bataa

Dhemz said...

hahhaha...double trouble! makamuot man ko aning pic ni blonde tsang...pagka daghan sa band-aid...mau gani kay wala pang ibta...ehehehe!

sos kalouy ba kau ni jake sa iyang face...mao diay ning katong napangos sya...tawon!

yen said...

hala, naunsa man ni shy? wla diay ka ngreferee ani nila. napdaun to ako domain ng himo nlng ko other blog pod, slmat sa pag agi

Mel Alarilla said...

Natatawa naman ako sa post mong ito Shy. Kawawa naman ang mga anak mo. Akala mo nanggaling sa war zone. Tapos, pati ilong ni Justine me band aid, hahaha, lol. She looks so funny and lovable, lol. I hope and pray that they will not encounter any serious accidents or bruises. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

inday_adin said...

Kids will always be kids jud mommy Shy. I hope they are better now.

Adin B

chubskulit said...

Wahhhh wawa naman tong mga buckaroo mo bading hehehe.. Di talaga maiiwasan yan..

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