Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Good Conversation

Contribution by Stevie Kirby

My best friend and I met during a trip to a business conference. It was like love at first sight, only it was like a lot instead of love. We were able to have a great conversation and from there, everything took off. We learned that we enjoyed the same subjects in school and that we could have long conversations about those subjects and what they meant to us in our education. In turn, we were able to learn more about the subjects because we each paid attention during certain days of class. Sharing knowledge was what brought us together.

Using knowledge is another thing entirely. We were able to go outdoors and discuss things, have coffee and discuss things, eat dinner and discuss things, and more. While we do things once in awhile that involve activity, we usually enjoy doing those things that allow us to have a conversation while we're doing them. We enjoy getting to discuss things that other people might not enjoy talking about or even enjoy at all. Our common areas of study are what truly make the conversation lovely. A good conversation is worth all the world to me.

Before heading out for an evening of conversation, I set my home security alarm from to protect my family and possessions. This makes it much easier to have a good conversation.



Dhemz said...

gkalimtan na jud ko...nyahahaha!

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