Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wood Stoves

Fall season is not as bad as winter. In fact some people like my husband for instance prefer fall than summer. I came from a tropic place where all year round is like summer. We experience hot and rainy season only in our place. When i got here in the US I was having trouble adjusting to the weather. We are still in the beginning of fall season where the weather isn't that freezing yet but for me it's already is. I run our space heater when the temperature get higher than 50 degrees. I wish we have fire place or better yet wood stove to get more heat. Wood Stoves produce more heat than any other space heater. It is the perfect combination of form and function plus saves you money every time you light a fire. This is very useful and helpful during winter time to get much heat that circulate all over the place. I read online that this winter would be the coldest winter. Oh, I hate winter.


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