Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Taking the kids to the fair

Guest post written by Adam McCall

It certainly isn't easy getting triplets to do anything and that especially goes for getting them to behave out in public. Because they're all the same age, I think that they're definitely more temperamental because of it. But I agreed to take the triplets to the fair so my wife could have a night off to go out to eat with her friends at a nice restaurant.

I looked up some of the stuff online about what they were going to have on exhibit there when I came across the web site and decided that we should switch our service over to that company because of the better deals we would get with it.

I eventually found what I had been looking for and decided that maybe I could get the triplets' attention long enough with some overgrown pumpkins and other kinds of produce. But then I thought about all the local fair food that I hadn't even thought about before! That would be the perfect distraction to keep them still and occupied a while, which is always the difficulty with them.



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