Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quick & Easy Halloween Fun - Milk Carton Witch

What are the halloween preparation are you planning to do with your kids? How about making a wicked milk carton witch. This arts and crafts activity is fun for your 4- 8 years old kids and you can finish it in 30 minutes time. You can create a witchy table decoration out from your recycle a milk container.

What you need:
Pint size juice or milk container , green construction paper , google eyes , orange crepe paper , sugar cone , black craft foam , glue , and scissors.

Cut the top off of a pint size carton. Cover with green construction paper. To make the nose fold a sheet of paper in half and cut into a triangle shape. Glue the nose to center front of the container, with the folded edge running down the middle, making the nose 3-dimensional. Add google eyes. Make a mouth from a half moon shape of purple paper. Glue below the nose. Hair is made from gathered orange crepe paper glued around carton's top edge on three sides. The witches hat is made from a 3 1/2" circle of black craft foam glued to the bottom of a painted sugar cone. Use a dry brush to paint the cone or use chocolate sugar cones. Place hat on top of container. Add warts if desired.
Source: Goldiebaker from babycenter


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