Sunday, October 24, 2010

My 14-month-old Lil Sweetie

Does your toddler sometimes hurt other children? It's not surprising — many toddlers act out in this way. The good news is that he doesn't mean to inflict pain on his playmates. When he pulls another child's hair, he's either fascinated by the reaction it provokes or copying another child's behavior. Making a fellow child yell or cry seems like great fun at this age. The best response is to gently but firmly stop the hurtful behavior and redirect his attention. The more he gets a rise out of you, the more likely he is to repeat the behavior.

Justine is 14-month-old: Week 4 now and next month she will be 15 months old. How fast the time flies, the faster my lambchop grows. We were at the car this afternoon headed to Target and Costco when this lil meanie keep kicking on Jake's face. At first the buckaroo just laugh and giggle as if they were playing. But the lambchop didn't stop even if he alreay said "take you feet sissy (take your feet away sissy)". Then he said "mama sissy feet, giv me bobo" The lamb chop enjoyed kicking Jake and won't stop even if Jake and I said no. So, I had to hold her legs to stop what she was doing to her Kuya jake. She can do lots of mean things now like poke my eyes, playing around to slap our face. She enjoyed the reaction we made everytime she does this thing. If we say Ouch, no sweetie she thought we are playing with her and she start laughing. This stage will go away but we also told her that ist not okay to hit even if she doesn't understand it yet.


Mel Alarilla said...

Yes, to darling Justine, everything is play and she still cannot understand that she may be already hurting others. She may be amused by the reactions of people she hurts and may even interpret their reactions as being pleased with what she is doing. But you must persevere in instilling in her mind that what she is doing is bad until she learns from it. Otherwise, she might grow up being a bad girl. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Dhemz said...

hahhaa...ka cute aning imong mga bata tsang woi...bahala magsinipaay...cute man!

kakaloka naman tong comment ni sure she will not grow up being a bad girl...ehehehe...:)

Mel Cole said...

2 months diay ila agwat Georgie nu. hehehe. Hope they can play together when God wills we could get together some time with Rose. I'm aching to see guys in person.

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