Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Making some sweet treats

Guest post written by Rachel Cowell

There's always one weekend every fall that I like to have my neice and nephew over to my house and we work on baking a lot of nice treats and doing some general Halloween stuff.

I guess they would consider me the cool aunt, probably because I let them do some things that their parents won't, let eating a little too much candy and staying up a little later than they probably should. But, I think that they have fun doing it and there really isn't any harm in it. So I did a lot of planning for our fun Halloween day by looking up some recipes with my clear 4g. I ended up finding a whole lot of great stuff.

I got some good candy recipes and we made some special Halloween candy bark. The thing that I love about making bark is that itÕs just so easy to do because you just melt down the base chocolate and throw a bunch of stuff on top of it for pure deliciousness. Plus, you canÕt really mess it up and itÕs easy for kids to make.



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