Friday, October 1, 2010

Little Operator/Explorer

Jake always had his hand on the TV, DVD and everything that has buttons. He can operate the DVD without using the remote control. We had to hide the remote from them because they just pressed keys and numbers in it. While the buckaroo doing all this kind opf stuff the little lambchop was obeserving and following what he was doing. So, here she is trying to operate the DVD and can't keep her hands off from the TV button and DVD. My little explorer and operator. One time I was watching this nice movie and it's about to end but the little lambchop switch the TV to video because she wants to watch Hi-5 on DVD. And when Joe watches his sports show this girls always there messing up with the TV. She also messes up with Jake while watching his cartoons that made the later pissed at her and push her.


Dhemz said...

agoy tawon ka mga likot na kau ug mga kamot ning imong mga dragons bayot...agoy...hehehehe...makamuot ko ni justine...ahhahaha...:)

mao sa una tsang kay sampungan nako ug sticker ang power button...kay si kulot sad sa una mahilig manuplok...ehehehe!

burn078 said...

May pa ka sis, nka update jud ka sa mga development sa imong kids. Ako, sus, ntawon gusto ko but ang time kuwang kau. I appreciate your creativeness and responsible mother. Time come nga ila ni ma watch ug maka remind sa imong kids how lucky they were to have a mother like you.

btw sis, please join my contest.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Justine is growing up very fast and she is in an age where she is very pilya. You just have to bear with over activeness of your children. That's part of growing up. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

burn078 said...

sis, wla pa man ko nka contest kay wla nko na update. Karon pa ni.. Pwede pa ka mo pledge sis, ako dawaton until October 7 lng dre sa pinas. Just email me sa imong pledge... burn078 at gmail dot com

thanks sis....

burn078 said...

about diay sa mga teach.. sa uc main ko sis. Teacher pud diay ka sis? Wow! hello mam! Sa labangon bliss diay ka nag teach.. So, elementary imong gtudlo an.

In short, taga Cebu ka sis?

Vernz said...

ahahah... sus shy.. abi nako akong lang anak ang mga likot.. mommy... konting tiis pa tayo lol... agi ko..

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chubskulit said...

mana sa mama hehehe..

Mel Cole said...

Oh they are so cute shy. They will never stop exploring na. They're growing like weeds. :)

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