Friday, October 15, 2010

Lady Gaga Rules!

I heard the name Lady Gaga buzzing around the web and even on E! News which got me curious to search her on the net. She made a big name already because lots of Websites appeared on my screen after I type her name and hit search. And then, when I was bloghopping I came across a website that had a video of this group of student dancing lady gaga's song and it was really funny because they students were all boys. Another thing that makes Lady Gaga unique is her fashion statement. It's unique, weird and one of a kind. She is also a pop star and made few songs that really hit the chart in pop music industry. Her look and her moves are unmistakable. Lady Gaga rules and dominate the dance/pop culture. You search on YouTube, you will see how talented she is and how many people especially younger ones enjoyed her music. She is on the road in 2010 for the Monster Ball Tour. So, get lady gaga tickets now and watch her perform.


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