Saturday, October 23, 2010

Everyone Needs a DVR

Posted by Arden Wallace

Anyone out there not use a DVR? Seriously, I can't imagine life without ours, we've had it for years. When we signed up for satellite through it was part of the package and at the time I didn't think it was going to be that great. Now I don't understand how people watch TV without one!

The very best thing about the DVR is that one of us can be watching one thing while the DVR records up to two other things at the same time. I never wanted TVs in our kid's rooms because I think that family time is important, so when my son is watching something at the same time that my daughter's show is on we can have one of them record while the other is watched. Basically we avoid World War III ever week, excellent.

Another reason to never be without a DVR, for me, is that I can pause. Life gets hectic and sometimes we just can't finish a show or have to get up to answer the phone etc. When that happens we pause TV and get back to it later. Even "live" shows can be paused for those brief interruptions. When I was growing up we couldn't even imagine such things. How things have changed.



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