Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Adorn your office

Your office is like your second home. Imagine how many hours you spend working inside your office or perhaps working 24/7 at your home office everyday. It's about time that you will furnish and adorn your office with elegant office furniture so that you can work comfortably. You can get a nice cozy furniture to sleep in or relax while you're on break. You will enjoy spending more hours at your office when you use new, wide and beautiful table or furniture. I remember when I was still teaching at public school. We had to buy our own teacher's table, cabinets, chairs and even chalk board and other miscellaneous in decorating our respective classrooms. Then, one time we received some old furniture donation from one of the banks in Cebu City. I wasn't that quick to grabbed the big table but I got the chair instead. We didn't get those tables and chairs for free because the school custodian collected the payments for each of the furniture. The money went to school expenses and improvement projects.


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