Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Update of Your 13-month-old

At this age our toddler's been walking for months already or some is still happy just cruising, one thing's for sure: She's not about to slow down. With great delight, she'll soon learn that walking frees her hands to unroll reams of toilet paper, knock glasses off coffee tables, and empty your bedside drawers. What to do? Spend lots of time at the park, and notch up your childproofing efforts so your toddler has plenty of space to explore without getting hurt. Infos from babycenter

Evolving eating habits

Don't be surprised if your hearty eater's appetite has shrunk. It's typical for kids this age to eat a bit less and suddenly become more picky. This change may seem strange, considering how active your child is now. But because he's growing more slowly, he really doesn't need as much food.

Try not to pressure your toddler to eat more. Instead, let his appetite determine how much food he takes in.

Of course, even though you can't control how much he eats, you are definitely in charge of what he has to choose from. Keep offering a variety of healthy foods at every meal. Resist the temptation to let him snack on sweets and other not-so-healthy items out of worry that he's not eating enough. As long as he appears to be thriving, he's probably fine. As always, if you have doubts, talk to your doctor.

Repost from Baby Center Newsletter.

Your 13 month old have or will experience all this stage and milestones in their toddler life. Nothing to worry if you are wondering why you monster eater is now a picky eater. We always bragged how Justine eat. She was like non stop eater but lately she spits them all out and not eating the way she used to.


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