Friday, September 24, 2010

Safety is great when hiking

Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence

The sport of hiking is one that has been my favorite since I was a small child. Because I have lived in Alaska for most of my life I have been exposed to the wilderness and nature more then a great deal of other people. When the majority of the state you live in is covered in vast stretches of wilderness, you tend to explore quite a bit. Camping and hiking were two things that I always found enjoyable. Nowadays I simply set my home security system and head out for however long I wish, not worried at all about my home because of the 7 adt monitoring centers.

I particularly enjoy going to Eagle River with my friends and family because there are a great many lovely places there to set up a hiking area, camp, and have lots of fun. There are many other places in Anchorage such as the bluffs by the airport, and countless trails and hidden places of beauty within the city limits. There are so many that there is no need to conserve them or protect them. They are also so vast that there is no chance of modern building being put on them.

Safety is the most important factor when going hiking in the wild. Bears and moose are just two things that are dangerous. There are also many plants and falls that can hurt people. But, be safe and you will not have to worry!



Mel Alarilla said...

Hiking is really one of the best outdoor exercises that we can do. It affords us to burn those excess pounds and be able to commune with mother nature too. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

kathy said...

Shei ako na gipadala ang package... Hopefully insakto to nga address imo nahatag sa ako.. Just let me know when u get it...

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