Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New word - Ball and Milestones

We are too pre-occupied with our busy days and sometimes forget to notice Justine's development. She is just ahead in so many ways compared to Jake. Girls matures quickly than boys. Lamb chop's first word was Dada because she heard this from Jake, and she is capable to do lots of things that Jake didn't want to do when he was at Justine's age. I think that's the advantage of having an older siblings they look after them and follow what they do. So, today as I was sitting in front of the computer after i gave them lunch. Justine keep saying the "ball" and handed me balls. I didn't bother to recognized what that word was until i realize that it was a ball. I praise her and she was happy to hear it. Then Jake started taking all the balls that Justine got. Learning new words is part of baby's milestones and each words they say is music to every mothers ears.

Other activities and developmental milestones that my Lil lamb chop have been doing lately

~ She can climb anything chair, couch, table and working on the playpen.
~ Last weekend Joe forgot to close the fence. I was at the couch resting when I noticed Justine was gone. When I saw the gate or fence was open I run directly upstairs and there she was in the bathroom managing herself to get in the bath tub. That is how sneaky my little lamb chop is.
~ Every feeding time she wants to hold the spoon and feed herself. But of course hand and fingers always the best spoon for them.
~ I gave her a look when she sense she was about to do something naughty, so when we were in the kitchen and she had the spoon in her hand. I asked her to hand the spoon to me but instead she gave me a look.
~ The other day, it was Labor day we were having lunch and joe reprimand Justine not to pull the placemat, but the lambchop gave him a look and had a staring contest.
~ This morning i was in the couch watching TV, she came up to me and slap my face when i yelled at Jake. Then i asked her why did she do that and that was not nice. She gave me a look and pretend like crying.
~ She is also a Hi-5 fanatics so if jake is not around and she wants to watch the hi-5 she would get my attention and point her finger to the DVD and shake her booty.
~ She can now turn the TV on and off and so is the DVD player. She learned that from Jake.
~and more more sneaky, naughty, silly, funny stuff that Justine can do.



Icy BC said...

You're a good mom!

Cecile said...

such a cutie; nalingaw pag tan aw ug video, tsang...very smart si Justine :-)

Shahz said...

wow! cute..she already know how to feed herself,,,pwede na nimu na siya sa balay mother dear... perti gyd liwata ting..Halu justine,tin

Mel Alarilla said...

Yes, Justine is a very intelligent girl and you are right, girls mature faster than boys. But Justine has the benefit of learning things from her kuya. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Dhemz said...

hhehehe....ka cute sa duha ka dragons...abi nako ug kinsa tong naa sa background nga kuya jake man diay tog nag tabi...ehehehe! hala kaon inday...ehehehhe!

paspas bitaw ang growth ni blonde tsang...mao jud ni maka advantage kung naa maguwang kay naa ra akesha kay uwahi mani sya...ehehehe!

Anonymous said...

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