Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New roof forward

Guest post written by Paul Herman

This summer has been especially rainy, or maybe it just seems that way. I feel like it's an odd day out if it isn't pouring down rain during my commute home from work. That's really taken a toll on my outdoor activities that I like to do in the summer like grilling out and playing fetch with the dog, and it's made our old roof look even worse and added more water stains to it.

I had been putting off getting a new roof because we're trying to save up money to have an in-ground pool installed in our back yard but our roof was looking really ugly and becoming quite an eyesore. So I called SEARS new roofing San Diego and got an estimate. It ends up it didn't put as big of a dent in my budget as I would have imagined and decided to just go for it.

We went with another brown for the roof, this one a little darker so it wouldn't show stains as much. We're pretty happy with it. Now I just wish that we would have some kind of emergency that could only be fixed with installing a backyard pool.



♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

Alam mo, kahit nakakakuha ako ng grabbed bag sa blogsvertise,wala akong nakukuhang guest posting.Mabuti ka pa,dami mong ganitong opps.

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