Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kids World of Fun

It's fun watching your kids playing by themselves and wish they can do this activity all day. The day Joe had his surgery and spent the day at the hospital this two dragons were so good. They just play while waiting for their Dada. We parents sometimes wish they can stay and play with their toys all day without making a fuss. But thats just a wish because eventually they will get over stimulated with their toys and get bored with what they do.

I've been meaning to post this before Joe had his surgery but i kept procrastinating. Then I got busy running around while he was recovering and got virus in our computer. So, the result of my procrastination I failed to post some of my post including the sponsored post. I was shocked when i open my computer and a spyware started scanning. Our anti virus didn't able to blocked the virus because they are the one who give the virus. Well, I don't want to talk about that darn anti virus who had a virus grrrr. It's really good to finally back online and back in business.


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

That is always the case. The very anti virus that should be protecting our computer is the very culprit itself in spreading a new virus. Probably that was intended to make them even more in demand. Parang yung mga albolaryo sa Pinas. Sila mismo ang nangkukulam at sila rin ang gumagamot sa kulam. Ehe, ano ba yan, bakit ba napunta sa kulam ang comment na ito. Welcome back my friend to active blogging. Kaya pala masyado kang nanahimik eh nawalan ka nang computer, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Anonymous said...

Hoy madam! Pastilan kadaghan na man diay panghitabo sa imong kinabuhi nga wla ko masayri.. hehehe.. Lawon kau bisaya... Hay ana pud unta akong fifi oi, pero intawon grabe ka-demanding, dli gud ko mka-lihok usahay kay cge pakugos... Naunsa na man tawon ni oi...


Dhemz said...

waaaaa...ka cute aning duha ka dragons tsang...busy man kau sa ilang mga toys...dako na si justine woi...ehehehe!

nahan ko sa iyang table and chair...hehehe!

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