Friday, September 3, 2010

Glazes and Clays at AMACO

If you have been surfing the web for a source of reliable glazes for your ceramic arts projects, then you are fortunate to be reading my post, for I have exactly the right place for you. AMACO/Brent is the leading online store that provides quality products for pottery, educational, and crafts projects. They stock over 4000 products including a wide selection of Acmi glazes, both over glazes and under glazes. These glazes are certified non-toxic and lead-free by ACMI. They have low fire glazes that now achieve results only previously obtained through high firing. Of course in addition to the glazes, they also carry a good selection of air dry clays and clays that require firing. They also sell Brent Throwing Wheels & replacement parts, electric and gas kilns, slump molds, slab rollers, and bisque ceramic chips for experimenting with your glazes. AMACO/Brent sells high quality products, which means you can expect to achieve consistent results. They also sell instructional dvd's and materials and there are free art lessons plans available online. So, as you can see, your search for reliable glazes, and in fact any ceramic arts supplies, can stop at AMACO/Brent. Check out the website, to get a look at the comprehensive choice of clays, glazes, and other potting supplies available.


Dhemz said...

agoy ka busy balamang sa opps dire...eheehe!

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