Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's a Poop Grrrrrr


I gave my dragons their night time bath before going to bed tonight. Before I used to give them a bath separate but i got tired of it and it was a waste of time. So, I have been giving them a bath both at the same time. After I put soap and wash them up I let them enjoy for a while in the bath tub. Jake usually the last to get out of the tub. I pulled Justine out, dress her up and then came down stairs and handed Justine to Joe. When I came back in the bathroom to attend to Jake I was pissed as in super pissed with what i saw. I saw big pieces of $#!+. Yes, it sounds gross but he pooped while swimming in the tub. He didn't care about the crap. I screamed to let out my frustration and anger. It was hot and humid and there was Jake pooping in the tub. I gagged when I picked those crap from the tub. It was big pieces and no matter how i tried to put the shower right on the spot to drain the poop, but it didn't work. I was sweating like a pig after i clean all this mess. And when i came down stairs, Jake was there welcome me with his HI! and mischievous smile.


Lulu said...

waaa ingon jake.... "got yah mama"

Dhemz said...

nyahhaha....makamuot man sad ko nimo tsang...na imagine nako imong dunggan nga ga aso-aso...lol!

AC said...

hahaha!!! naiimagine ko ang life mo marzy... kaloka!!! tawa ako ng tawa habang nagbabasa... hahahahahahahaha!!!

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