Tuesday, July 27, 2010

He is Playing, She is Hiding

Jake playing with his chocho traing while the little lambchop was there in the corner hiding.

She can now grab stuff on the table that she can reach. I was infront of the computer when i noticed that my surrounding was so quiet. No little hands and tiny fingers trying to press the keys in my keboard. When I look behind i saw Jake playing by himself and didn't see right away the little lambchop. And there she was with my bag in her hand that she grabbed from the table. I think she was looking for dum-dum (lollipop) in there. That is why she was hiding. Cute! Cuter! Cutest ever

My little lambchop will be one year old next week. She is now drinking whole milk and sleep in her room for more than two months now. She can walk now but she prefers to crawl as it takes her to places faster. I am so proud of my lil girl and I love her to death.


Tetcha said...

Bravo, Baby Justine! You're growing up so fast your Momma can't keep up. LOL! Soon, you'll be chasing Kuya Jake, too. Don't make him cry, okay?

kat said...

hahaha cute indeed..sus tsang..abi nako nangita na ug lipstick sa imong bag si justine hahahaha

woww, hapit na diay bday sa dalagang gamay...when is the exact date tsang...dali-a ra oi..1 year man dayon.

Dhemz said...

awwwwwwwww...such a cutie...my gosh....tago man sa ilalom sa lamisa...ehehehhe! ka cute....:)

agi ko dire kadali bayot...blog hop sako gamay kay luto pako lunch...ehhehehe!

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