Thursday, July 22, 2010

All About J&J

If you live in a rented house or apartment you don't get everything like nice playground, nice neighborhood, or nice backyard to play with. The house we rented right now has swing set in the back yard and a seesaw. But the ground is not plane, and aside from that there are some crap that the owner left in there. We used to hang out in that back yard though, but after we saw a snake few weeks ago, we kind of scared to let Jake and Justine play over there. Meanwhile, when we visited Slippery Rock last Saturday J&J had a blast playing with the sprinkler. Jake love it if we visit Mary. He always follow her around and talk geberish and feel so at home. Justine is the opposite. When Mary set the sprinkler my dragons had fun playing with it. It was really hot that they stayed in that water for almos an our or over. I didn't kee track of the time but they stayed there long enough to cool off on that hot and humid day. Justine feel asleep after that long day while jake was there following his Grandma around.


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